Make your second brain

Dump those fleeting thoughts, voice memos, interesting videos, ideas or even your journals into and let it index, organize, visualize and make sense of it all for you.

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How Empowers You

No matter your profession or needs, enhances your productivity and creativity.

For Educators

Teachers can create interactive lesson plans, digitize notes, and share multimedia resources easily, facilitating a dynamic learning environment.

For Researchers

Researchers can organize vast amounts of data, convert findings into compelling visuals like charts and mind maps, and maintain an efficient workflow.

For Creatives

Artists and writers can sketch ideas, script stories, and consolidate all forms of media to bring their visions to life without any hassle.

AnyScribe is Multi-Purpose

Your All-In-One Tool for Journaling, Analyzing, and Creating

With AnyScribe, you have a versatile companion for all your needs. Whether you're journaling your thoughts, analyzing your daily life, making sense of the world around you, or generating new content, AnyScribe adapts to your workflow and helps you stay productive and inspired.

Spend Less Time Organizing

More Time Being Productive and Coming Up with New Ideas

Let AnyScribe handle the organizing so you can focus on what truly matters—being productive and generating new ideas. Our advanced AI ensures your content is always well-structured and easily accessible.

Chat First or GUI First: Your Choice

Experience AnyScribe Your Way

AnyScribe supports both chat-first and GUI-first experiences, allowing you to interact with the platform in the way that suits you best. Whether you prefer a more conversational approach or a graphical user interface, AnyScribe adapts to your workflow.

Meet Jeeves: Your Helpful Assistant

Introducing Jeeves, your personal AI assistant. Simply share your notes, ideas, and content with Jeeves, and he will remember it for you. Jeeves helps you retrieve and organize your information effortlessly, ensuring you can always find what you need.

Chat with Jeeves
Embedded Mind Maps in Chat
Express Yourself Your Way

Unleash Your Creativity Seamlessly

Discover the freedom to express your ideas in any format—be it whiteboard sketches, handwritten notes, multimedia, or text. harnesses advanced AI to intelligently organize and index your content, making it effortlessly accessible.

Text Notes
Visualize Your Thoughts

Unlock the Power of Visual Thinking

Elevate your ideas with;s advanced AI, transforming your concepts into visually stunning mind maps, flowcharts, diagrams, and more. Whether starting from a whiteboard sketch or plain text, create visual masterpieces. Enhance your understanding with diverse views that simplify complex information.

Diagram View
Mini Presentation View
Automagically Organize Your Content using AI

Leave the Organizing to Us

Instead of spending hours organizing your content, let our AI do it for you. uses advanced AI to organize your content into categories, tags, and more. Find what you need when you need it with AnyScribe also lets you organize content through various views: grid view, list view, a presentation view, and an AI-generated mind map view.

Quick Notes Organized Automatically
Automatic metadata generation, indexing, and tagging
Views for better comprehension
AI-generated Interactive Mind-maps!

Brainstorm with AI-generated mind-maps!

Generate awesome mind maps with AI assistance. Engage in dynamic conversations against your mind map to bring ideas to life. Discover connections and generate insights. Brainstorm and comprehend better with

You can chat with Jeeves to generate mind maps too!

Mind Map/Graph View using AI
Mind Map/Graph View with Jeeves
Search, Chat, and Retrieve Without Hassle

Search, Chat and Retrieve Content with Ease

Effortlessly manage all your content, whether it’s a whiteboard sketch, an image, or text. Everything is automatically indexed and made searchable. Use our advanced search to quickly locate what you need, and interact with your content through our intuitive chatbot for deeper insights.

Chat with your Content
Natural language and keyword search

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